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This boat is the shops demo boat, has been used almost exclusively by our owner. It is in very good "used" condition.

The Stellar Falcon Surfski: An amalgamation of the SEA, SEI G2 and S18SX. High stability and low wetted surface area and improved rocker and stern fairing makes this boat fast on flat water and super manageable in big swells. The 3rd generation seat has a very rounded back to eliminate hot spots and increase rotation for a more powerful stroke. With an optimized rudder position and a more rounded keel in the stern, the Falcon is a very agile boat, similar to that of a much shorter Surfski. Innovative features include water shedding bow and stern handles, inboard set cockpit handles and an improved volume in the bow deck for a drier ride. If you want a 0ne quiverboat for all conditions – this is it!

*This is a gently used demo boat, on sale.


Length:19' 6" / 5.95 m
Beam:18.7" / 47.5 cm
Depth:13.39" / 34 cm
Paddler:5' - 6’ 3” / 1.5m - 1.9m
Capacity:245 lbs / 110kg

Stellar Falcon *DEMO,Excel Surf Ski Red/White, DEMO

C$6,149.00 Regular Price
C$3,395.00Sale Price
Only 1 left in stock
  • This laminate is Kevlar with Nomex Honeycomb core and a gelcoat exterior, making it very stiff and very light. This is a performance laminate designed for those who desire a stiff and fast boat and know how to handle a boat on and off the water. The Nomex core makes for a light and stiff boat, but the impact resistance is much less than that of the Advantage or Sport. If you hit a rock or log or even tie down the boat too tight on unsupported racks, this could result in damage. 

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