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Get boats and swimmers to shore with this tubular webbing bungy tow. Mount the Pig Tail by its D-ring onto the quick-release belt on the back of a rescue PFD. The Keyhole carabiner is clipped to the front of the PFD, where it's readily at hand. If you're the rescuer, you can clip into a boat or a swimmer. If you're the victim, you can clip the Pig Tail into the line of a throwbag that’s been heaved to you. This provides your benefactors with a line attached to the back of your PFD, and greatly increases the options they have for extracating you from a pinning or entrapment.

  • For use only with a quick-release belt
  • Stretches to almost 1.2m (4ft.) to dampen out jerks and help maintain a more constant line tension
  • Includes a wire gate paddle carabiner with a 22kN rating

North Water - Pig Tails

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